Aiming for perfection, one step at a time.

Rapadant Hosting from its inception has always strived for bringing the best possible experiance for communities. Striving to provide the best tools for staff teams to use, well optimized servers, enhancements made, and much more. We also seek to provide a 1 stop place for all other needs. No more having to go to 3rd Party services to get what you need for your game servers or website. We are constantly improving the wide range of things available for you here. Some provided free to use and some for a reasonably affordable price.

Our Features

Game Servers

We provide game servers running on decent hardware and we add our own enhancements on top of that to provide you the best possible experiance for your players.


We provide custom built systems tailored for our platform at an affordable price. We aim to provide you with the very best tools for your servers.

For Developers

We provide services available to help enhance the quality of content created by both communities and mod developers.