Content Protection Service

Rapadant Content Protection Services

We offer a veriety of services for both server owners and content developers. Our goal is to ensure that your success and future are well secured. We offer this service even if you choose to use another host for handling your server needs.

Pre-Protection Techniques

There are some things you can do before using our content protection services that will improve the effectiveness of it aswell as improve the quality of your content.

1. Use Models where and whenever possible: Not only does this help performance wise, but also better allows for other protection methods we offer to have more of a beneficial impact to you.

2. Make your Models map specfic: What we mean by this is to have the models used in your map made in a way that they are only really useful for YOU and YOUR map. If used in any other map they would feel out of place, or not adequatly suit the map well.

3. Use a content pack for your assets: While the latest gmod updates allow for much larger addon files to be uploaded and used, having a seperate addon for content makes things a bit harder for those attempting to steal your content. By having all your assets for your map included in a single addon(or even having it all sent via your fastdl server) you make it easier for them to steal the content.

Doing this will make it much harder for those attempting to steal your content.

Additional Terms of Service for Content Protection


1. Your content must be in its final state, updates to the content will be given for a small fee of $10.

2. Your content must not be taken from other public or private creations, mods, or other source that you do not have permission to use.

3. You may need to provide all used assets for your creation, for example if you have a map that uses custom textures or models.

4. We are not responsible for content that has bugs however if the issue is simple we may provide limited support.

5. For mapping related protection, the protection needs to be applied after each new compile. It is advised to use this server with FINAL compiles.

6. In the event somebody does bypass our services we are not responsible. We will however notify you immediatly if we see your content stolen by another individual or group. We are not responsible for theft that has gone unnoticed.

VMF Level Protection


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Our VMF Protection methods will handle a good amount of the amatures trying to steal your maps for their own use. We don\'t care why they do it or what the steal it for. Our only goal is to stop it using everything that we can.

We apply more than just the normal methods that have been publically released and easily bypassed. We put alot of research into the subject of map prottection and came up with several new and creative ways of prottecting maps. Aswell the VMF Level Protection does work in conjunction with some of the other protections we emply both for models, textures and BSP Level Protection.

* This level of protection aims at not only giving decompilers a headache when working with anything that makes it through a decompile but also aims to notify us that your map has been decompiled.

BSP Level Protection


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Our BSP Level Protection aims at stopping the more skilled map thieves. We have both researched and worked together with certain talented individuals in order to make our BSP Protection the best there is to date.

* This level of protection should stop the retrieval of Brush Geometry, Entities built into the map, and cause numerous headaches for those attempting to decompile the map.

** This level of protection will stopp the top 10% of thieves out there in most if not all cases.