Terms of Service

These are the Terms of Service for using Rapadant Hosting. Failure to abide by these terms will result in license being revoked aswell as account and service termination. Rapadant Hosting reserves the right to amend and change these terms at any time as seen fit with or without notice. If you are unsure about any of the following terms below you can submit a ticket to ask for further clarification.

Rapadant Hosting reserves the right to refuse service from any client for any reason. We provide service in hopes of helping communities grow and prosper, as such we will try to resolve any issue before it escalates to the point where a termination is needed.

Rapadant Hosting prohibits the distrobution of materials that are illegal, offensive or abusive, including but not limited to controlled substances, racial intollerence, anti-semitism, nazism, hate groups, teroristic activity, gang related material and any other content which we determin to be inappropriate for being hosted on Rapadant Hosting. This rule takes context into account however. For example, promoting a hate group out right will result in termination, however that hate group as a DarkRP job on a game server is perfectly acceptable.

We take security very seriously here at Rapadant Hosting. All client details(including information shared in support tickets) is strictly kept between the client and Rapadant Hosting. We do not sell, trade or distribute any user data in any way shape or form.

Rapadant Hosting prohibits the use of spam software, raid software, security breach attempts and the distrobution of such materials and software. We also do not allow the use of mass email services or user data collection services. Using any of the above mentioned services or software will result in immediate termination of service and account.

Our refund policy states that any purchase can be refunded up until 3 days after puchase, after that point we will not offer a refund unless given a reason that we determin sufficient to offer a refund. Certain services will also have a refund fee to make up for cancelations and the resources spent to keep the service running during the time.

In the event of service interuptions we will provide users who were impacted with account credit to make up for the downtime.

Other than server hosting Rapadant Hosting also provides services to both communities and content developers. These products and services are aimed at making things easier and much higher quality for those using them. Some of these services are limited only to Rapadant Hosting clients however some you may use elsewhere aslong as you have a valid license to use it.

To comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we take copyright reports quite seriously so if you receive a copyright claim you have 24 hours to either dispute the claim or remove the copyrighted material from your service otherwise your service will be suspended until the claim is resolved.

Failure to abide by these Terms of Service will cause your service to be terminated without refund.