Terms of Service

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    You agree that all services and product sales are final. In the event of an issue with services or products you agree to contact support to resolve the issue at hand.

    Read the description of the product or service you are purchasing, some products and services may have important information or requirements. We want to make sure all clients get the exact service they need.

    Charging back will not only result in your product or service being immediatly removed from you but may also result in possible banning from our platform. If there is a problem with a product or service, contact support to resolve the issue. You may also have the package exchanged or refunde for account credit to be used on other products or services you may be interested in.


We reserve the right to refuse hosting services for the following content:

    1. Anything that violates United States Federal and State laws where your hosting service is physically opperated from, and the state of Tennessee.

    2. Attempts to stress test or perform a DOS attack on any service on Rapadant Hosting, this includes service that you pay for. Attempts to DOS or Stress Test your's or other client's services will result in a no-refund termination of service and a report being filed with law enforement.

    3. Any content that is meant to bully, harrass or attack individules in a malicious manner.

    4. Any attempt to access resources from another client without permission from that client, attempts to do so will be brought to the client you tried accessing resources from and an immediate suspension will be put in place on your account until security concerns are resolved. Unauthorized access of other clients resources may result in limitations or permenant suspension of your account and services.


We do not offer refunds unless we deem you deserve one, as in; If the product or service is defective and you do not wish to resolve the issue through support. Refunds are given in the form of account credit. We do not offer cash refunds to paypal or debit/credit/bank card accounts unless legally required. This is done to avoid opperation costs not being met.

Refunds are not made available to clients who currently have susspended accounts or unpaid invoices on their account.


We do not allow for our content to be used on other sites or services. Users may not use images, code, or any other form of asset found on Rapadant Hosting. Clients found in violation of this will have their account suspended and no refund given for current services.

This does not apply to instances where our service happens to be displayed in online live streams(intentional or accidental), online videos(intentional or accidental) or in forum discussions(intentional or accidental).


If you feal like an account suspension was unjust you can contact support to open an appeals ticket. Your ticket will be viewed by executive staff and a decission will be made. All executive decissions are final and as is.